Release Notes / ChangeLog

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2012/09/20  4.4


* If possible, show tasks in "Tomorrow" group instead of "Next Month"
* Fixed: Undo support for task color/repeat rule changes


* NEW: Color Chooser Dialog: Bookmarks
Color Chooser Bookmarks

* Fixed document tool bar "crash" caused by a recently disabled plugin
* Forms: Auto select all text on field focus
* Font Chooser: Text autocompletion in font name filter box
* Basic Haiku OS support
* Improved Security Manager
* Updated Polish translation
* Various minor updates, bugfixes, and optimizations


* Fixed all compiler warnings
* Updated Eclipse project
* Fixed errors reported by Eclipse IDE
* Replaced @Deprecated API
* Compile with -Werror option
* Added "ui/history" icon
* List of API Changes (auto-generated, 4.2 -> 4.4)