Download Makagiga 4.99.1 Beta (aka 5.x)

Platform/Operating System Notes
Linux Java Linux Java 8 (JRE) included
Windows Java Windows XP/Vista/7/8 - Installer Java 8 (JRE) included

Note: Makagiga installer is currently unsigned and may display additional security warnings.
Linux Windows Mac Portable/Cross-Platform Note: Java 8 (JRE) not included (download Java). See Wiki for more info.

Note: Mac OS X support is currently experimental.

Tip: You can run the same version on both Linux and Windows platform.
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Linux GNU/Linux - Debian/Ubuntu Package How to install
Linux GNU/Linux - RPM Package How to install
Source Files
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Version Info

Download Makagiga 4.12.1 for Java 7

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Download Notes
PluginsPlugins (Add-ons) See also: Makagiga -> Menu Bar -> Tools -> Plugins -> Get More Plugins
Older Versions... Note: Makagiga 3.x is no longer supported.
Snapshots Weekly builds and Alpha versions...
Makagiga SDK Plugin development and reusable libs...
X-Makagiga An alternate portable version packaged by the winPenPack team
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