Release Notes / ChangeLog

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2012/05/23  4.3 Beta


* NEW: EXPERIMENTAL: Repeat rules for recurring tasks:
  1. Click Task Properties -> Edit Repeat Rule
  2. Click Task Properties -> Apply Repeat Rule or mark task as "done"
* NEW: Added "Task Properties" toolbar button
* NEW: Day Tags. Click on a day button in Calendar widget or Calendar tab
  to add a small icon and text.
* NEW: Group tasks by week and month ("This Week", "This Month")
* Improved value editing using Enter key
* Updated date/time chooser window
* New date/time display format in task lists
* Alarms: Do not popup alarm notification after every window unlock
* Disable animations in some Month Calendar panels to improve performance
* Renamed the "o" column (it's now called "Task Properties")
* Hide Tasks-related UI if all Todo plugins are disabled


* NEW: EXPERIMENTAL: Security Manager. SM can detect and block suspicious plugin
  activity such as unauthorized file system or Internet access.
* NEW: EXPERIMENTAL: Master/Login Password support.
  Allows you to encrypt and decrypt Makagiga documents with single click.
  Currently this feature requires "login" plugin version from the SVN repository.

User Interface:

* NEW: Tabs: Show text alongside icons in all tab tool bars
* NEW: Improved "color" rendering in various views:
  Task List, Task Summary, RSS Articles, Tabs...
* Search/Filter panes: Paint "stripes" to indicate input erro
* KDE: Changed "Full Screen" keyboard shortcut to F11
* Various hacks and fixes for Sea Glass LAF v0.1.7.4svn
* Support for custom colors in A03 Look and Feel


* NEW: menu bar -> Help -> Topics -> What's New?
* RSS Reader: Improved error messages in Feed Viewer tab
* RSS Viewer: Fixed error caused by articles with quote character in title
* Tree: Show file import progress
* Location Bar: Create a more standards-compliant URI locations (e.g. file:///foo)
* NEW: Added "Work Offline" option (menu bar -> File -> Work Offline).
  If this option is selected some Internet operations
  (e.g. checking for updates or fetching RSS feeds) are suspended.
* Optimized logging
* Optimized configuration saving
* Text Editors: Restore correct "text" mouse cursor after lengthy operation
* Fixed incomplete stack trace info in "Error Details" window
* Fixed Undo/Redo in Network Proxy settings
* Thumb preview in file chooser: Show preview for all text files;
  optimized Zip archive preview
* Color Chooser: Improved "Color Picker" tab
* Links plugin: Improved UI layout
* Properties Bar: Show large tool tips above input fields
  (no more mouse input blocking)


* NEW: Added "Kiosk.Action.bookmark" option
  to disable any Tree and Font bookmark modifications
* NEW: Type "help <command name>" to display additional command options
* debug: Do not print file cache info by default
* Windows: Use "Lucida Console" as default fixed-width font
* Windows: Fixed text zoom in/out


* Always backup RSS Archive; do not backup "cache" directory
* Added "Backup Profiles" option
* Added backup restore instructions
  (see "MAKAGIGA BACKUP INFO.html" file in backup zip archive)


* Simplified Editor plugin templates
* Disk Free example: Fixed double entries in advanced settings
* Fixed "Could not find the main class: makagiga.sdk.SDK. Program will exit" error
* Windows: Fixed Ant launcher
* Updated API documentation


* Improved compiling/building on Windows platform
* Updated 3rd party libs (commons codec 1.6, DropShadowBorder)


Icon KShutdown - An advanced shut down utility for KDE/Linux/Windows