Release Notes / ChangeLog

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2012/08/05  4.3.1 Beta

* TL;DR Visual Guide

Final Beta ---------------------------------------------------------------------

* Updated Polish translation
* RSS Viewer: Show actual link address instead of "Complete Story" text
* Improved support for JGoodies Looks
  and Sea Glass Look and Feels
* Scripting: Improved built-in script editor

Alpha 3 ------------------------------------------------------------------------


* NEW: Searching by date (Ctrl+F7)
* Faster searching for document content (F7)
* Sidebar: "Designer" renamed to "Properties"
  (in some contexts displayed as "Preview" or "Tools")
* Fixed: Preserve old "date modified" on file copy

RSS Viewer:

* NEW: Article List: Show custom icons
* NEW: Article List: Added "Status" column
  (right-click column header to configure)
* Use Unicode replacement character ("\ufffd") instead of plain "?"


* NEW: Use <time> tag in HTML 5 export
* NEW: "Add Task" menu item with new input dialog (see Edit menu)
* Unified tool bar buttons layout in both widget and tabs
* Fixed: More readable day number text in month calendars


* Various Monospaced (fixed-width) font updates
* Fixed automatic file name extensions in file save dialog
* Removed "Email File" action
  (this was only supported on Linux and not always worked correctly)
* Fixed transparent lines in pie charts
* Bigger whitespace/padding in some lists for better readability
* Improved text in generic error messages
* Improved and optimized text formatting in "Error Details" window
* Fixed: Try to delete a file again if the first attempt failed
  (fixes a bug usually caused by some antiviruses ;)
* Xfce: Partially fixed full screen view
* Various font-related optimizations


* Auto run unit tests using tr_TR (Turkish) locale
  (more info on this topic)

Alpha 2 ------------------------------------------------------------------------


* NEW: First day of week configuration (Tools -> Settings -> Tasks)
* Improved export to HTML
* Minor bug fixes and visual updates in "Task Properties" column
* Do not print Priority icons
* More whitespace/padding between tasks

Feed Viewer:

* NEW: Customizable article list font
* More workarounds for malformed RSS/XML data


* Optimization: Generate thumb preview only for visible items
* Minor updates in Tree context menu and Item renderer


* NEW: Clocks: Time Zone settings support
  (it will be supported in new versions of both Digital and Analog clock widgets)

Link Plugin:

* NEW: Added "Open selected link" action to the Tree context menu

Notepad Plugin (Preview Panel):

* NEW: Added function to print the generated preview
* Improved user interface layout

User Interface:

* Animate text field background on input focus gain
* Text Fields/Editors: Auto hide mouse cursor while typing
* Better support for Windows Classic LAF
  (no more ridiculous combo box buttons ;)


* NEW: Wikipedia Search tab: Added language chooser and link button
* Fixed minor issues in font choosers
* Optimized favicon downloading
* Plugin Settings tab: Removed "Move Up/Down" buttons.
  All plugins are now sorted automatically by its actual usage.


* NEW: Support for small icons
  (put 16x16 icon-small.png file alongside existing icon.png)

Alpha 1 ------------------------------------------------------------------------


* Tasks table: Improved summary text editing
* Tasks table: Show "Completed Date/Time" info in Task tool tip
* Alarm notification: Close notification window without selecting tasks
  on middle mouse button click
* Tasks table: Auto clear "Completed Date/Time"
  only if task progress is set to 0%


* Fixed: Select new folder/file items
* Fixed: Do not remove current selection on current Tab change


* Faster task list loading/saving
* Faster RSS Archive loading
* Security Manager: Cache *.jar file verification results
* Tasks Summary: Use already preloaded task list from an open Tab (if available)

User Interface:

* NEW: Redesigned Notification window
* Center some popup menus vertically for easier mouse navigation


* NEW: Scripting (custom toolbar actions): Added "Show Button Text" option
* NEW: Search for text ignoring punctuation marks.
  This works both in document (Ctrl+F) and globally (F7).
* NEW: Printing using native application
  (print dialog -> Advanced... -> Print using an external application...)
* Proxy Settings: Validate entered Port value
* Update panel: Fixed: Hide animation image if new updates are available
* Backup wizard: Fixed: Return to the file chooser page if archive file name is invalid
* Versions panel: Fixed: Show proper preview image in Revert dialog
* Fixed: Notification window is no longer blocked by modal dialogs


* Settings panel: Added "Info" column
* Removed "jvisualvm" command


* Plugin Framework: Initial support for "library" plugins


Icon KShutdown - An advanced shut down utility for KDE/Linux/Windows