Release Notes / ChangeLog

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2013/09/22  4.10


* NEW: Added "Set Duration..." action to the context menu
* NEW: Use colors in Alarm notification window
* Properties sidebar: Removed "Edit Summary..." button; show summary of
  all selected tasks
* Better task sorting in Alarm notification

Feed Viewer:

* Improved "Save As" function
* Podcast downloader: Use article title as default save file name


* NEW: Text Fields/Editors: Added "Add Task" action to the context menu
* Fixed: Do not accidentally render plain text as HTML
* Updated Polish translation
* Minor UI updates and tweaks
* Minor bug-fixes

Source/Build System:

* Fixed minor issues reported by FindBugs and PMD
* Simplified and faster build process:
  - Drop *.properties compiler and related API
  - Translations: Message_xx.class moved to org/makagiga/commons/i18n/
  - build.xml: Removed "compile-properties" and "compile-properties-quick" targets
  - Removed temporary makagiga-blob.jar file; makagiga.jar now contains
    all the makagiga-blob.jar content
  - Use "yyyy-MM-dd" date format in build info
* API changes