Release Notes / ChangeLog

2013/08/04  4.9 Beta

* Checking for new updates is now enabled by default (monthly)

Alpha 4 ------------------------------------------------------------------------

RSS Feed Reader:

* Improved enclosure/podcast downloader

* NEW: Added "Mark All as Read" action (see context menu)

* Changed sample feed from Dilbert Daily Strip to xkcd
* Various bug-fixes


* NEW: Widgets: Configurable workspaces (number, name)

* NEW: Allow reset all granted/denied security permissions
  (see Settings | Advanced | Security Manager)
* NEW: Font Chooser: Allow copy selected font name (see context menu)
* NEW: Color Chooser (Web tab): Allow "rgb(r, g, b)" input format
* NEW: File Chooser: Remember recent files and folders (see Places button)

* NEW: Tree: "Add Task..." action in context menu (works with Todo Lists)

* NEW: Properties Bar: Added "Set Password..." button for quick encryption access
  (hidden by default; click "+" to configure)
* Plugin Installer: Ask before changing the default Look And Feel
* Increased notification autohide timeout
* Various bugfixes and improvements

Alpha 3 ------------------------------------------------------------------------


* Updated Polish translation
* Wiki panel: Fixed language list and HTML content parsing
* NEW: Plugins tab: Added "Settings" button
* Various bug-fixes and UI tweaks

Image Viewer:

* Move all brush type buttons to the "Tools" pane
* Filters: Added "Apply To" option

Security Manager:

* Fixed Bug #15 - Security alerts
* Clear Master Password if unused for 30+ minutes

Alpha 2 ------------------------------------------------------------------------


* NEW: HTML Preview: Code snippets and cheat sheet for frequently used tags

User Interface:

* Updated Russian translation
* Even better support for small (800x600) screens
* Add "Help" button to the tab tool bar; improved "Topics" menu


* Improved file/folder name validator in Properties dialog
* Fixed: Do not select Tree items if mouse gesture is active

Search Bar (Ctrl+O):

* NEW: Quick search menu (filtering by category, file type, etc.)
* NEW: The old "Find Files" plugin is no longer supported
  (existing "saved search" will be automatically imported)
* NEW: Added Up Arrow/Down Arrow/Enter keyboard shortcuts
* Changed F7 keyboard shortcut to Ctrl+O; removed Quick Open window


* Fix for Bug #14 - Doesn't connect through proxy
  Makagiga will now display a message with information that application restart is required
  to enable/disable the system proxy.
* Fixed: Add Feed dialog: trim whitespace from feed address before download
* NEW: Delete Private Data: Added option to clear search-index keywords
* Various bugfixes and improvements

Alpha 1 ------------------------------------------------------------------------


* NEW: Show alarm count in system tray icon (see menu bar|Tools|Settings|Tasks)

* NEW: Redesigned and cleaned up task properties menu

* NEW: Option to show Today and Tomorrow tasks in alarm notifications
  (see menu bar|Tools|Settings|Tasks)

Notepad Preview panel:

* NEW: Makagiga can now open linked documents in tabs instead of in an external application.
You can combine this feature with Markup Preview/Wiki Tools plugin
to create a basic wiki-like system.


* NEW: Added function to remove existing document password protection
  (see Properties|Set Password...|Remove Password button)

User Interface:

* NEW: Option to set larger Sidebar or Tabs icons

* NEW: Hold right-mouse-button and move cursor
  to list all available mouse gestures

* Text editors: Improved and fixed search highlight
* Auto desaturate distractive (yellow, etc.) Oxygen icons
* Use modified Metal Look and Feel by default (instead of Nimbus)


* Location Bar: Allow copy a folder address as URI/URL
* Added "Copy Link Address" action to the Tabs context menu
* Web Start: Do not create shortcuts on Desktop
* Various minor bugfixes