Release Notes / ChangeLog

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2013/09/04  4.9.1 Beta


* Alarm: Put recent overdue tasks on top


* Notifications: Show a small animation whenever a new message is added
* Wikipedia viewer: Fixed language list sorting;
  show recently used language on top

Security Manager:

* Run user scripts with security manager
* Auto block all security policy changes
* Better permission descriptions


* Compatibility with JDK 8 (see PORTING.txt)

Alpha 1 ------------------------------------------------------------------------

Feed Viewer:

* NEW: Added "Load and Show Full Page" option. This is mostly workaround for RSS
  feeds that displays only part of the full article.
* Show info if RSS source seems dead or inactive
* Fixed: Do not close open tabs on feed refresh


* NEW: Added "Duration" column
* Add Task field: Better Ctrl+Enter function

User Interface:

* NEW: Date Field: Added "Copy Date/Time" actions (see "More" menu)
* Better keyboard support (tab-key handling, default input focus, "Context Menu" key support)


* NEW: Calendar Widget: Added "Maximize" button
* Text/HTML editors: Disable unused zoom buttons
* Console: improved security manager support
* + Various minor updates and bugfixes