Release Notes / ChangeLog

See also changes in 3.99 Beta and 3.99.1 Beta

2011/09/09  4.0  Codename: "Super-Sonnicus Idioticus"

* Calendar widget: Added Page Up/Down keyboard shortcuts (previous/next month)
* Color Picker: Fixed color palette selection
* Color Dialog: Improved "Color Picker" tab
* Widget/Document list button: Fixed "double" popup menus
* More readable Java version number in Update tab
* Shorter and more readable home page URLs in About window
* Use "hand" mouse cursor in all tables
* Backup Wizard: Do not reset entered zip file name after directory change
* Widgets: Disable Ctrl+F4 (Close) and Ctrl+F9 (Minimize) keyboard shortcuts
  if widgets are locked
* Notification window: Improved window resizing on mouse click
* Updated Polish translation

Plugin Settings tab:

* Focus search field by default
* Auto reopen tab on application startup


* Plugin Framework: Detect slow plugins and print report to stderr
  (developer mode only)