Release Notes / ChangeLog

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2011/08/08  4.0 Beta 1 (aka 3.99.0) Codename: "Super-Sonnicus Idioticus"


* Makagiga 4.x requires Java 7
* Plugins designed for Makagiga 3.x are incompatible with Makagiga 3.99-4.x.

Binary Packages (zip, rpm, etc.):

* Removed i18n.jar and images.jar files;
  merged all jars into one makagiga.jar

User Interface:

* NEW: New splash screen image and progress bar
* Color Pickers:
  - Improved User Interface
  - Removed "<Default>" color palette
* Updated Oxygen Icon Theme
* Mouse Gestures: Removed middle mouse button support
* Paint focus border using dashed lines
* Updated color palette and gradient style
  (Task Table, Task Summary panel, and more)
* Removed main menu -> View -> Main Tool Bar option
* Removed main menu -> View -> Tool Bars -> Status Bar option.
  The status bar is now hidden by default.
* Fixed: Respect "Show Button Icons" option in all Makagiga UI
* See also: Blog posts with label 4.0


* NEW: Show Plugin Settings in a Tab instead of modal dialog window
* Removed full screen "Presentation" mode;
  it is now available as an external plugin
* Improved Plugin Updater

Todo List Plugin:

* NEW: Full screen Calendar tab with visible task list for each day
  (see menu -> Tools -> Calendar)
* Improved Task summary panel (Sidebar)
* Improved column sorting
* NEW: Press Ctrl+Enter to display a date/time dialog window and add a new task
* NEW: Sidebar: Show big hour/minute text for Today and Tomorrow tasks
* Due Date/Time column:
  - NEW: Show modal dialog with date/time chooser on click
  - Fixed text auto completion in "Due Date/Time" editor
  - Larger default column width
* Fixed export to CSV / HTML
* Fixed Ctrl+C/V/X keyboard shortcuts
* Fixed: Added workaround for Java Bug #6440214 (XML parsing error)
* Context Menu:
  - (Re)added "Done" menu item
  - Simplified menu items
* A less distracting strike-through (horizontal line) color for completed tasks

Notepad Plugin:

* Fixed: Do not steal editor input focus on Ctrl+Shift+H press (HTML Preview)

Image Viewer/Editor Plugin:

* Scale Image Dialog: Added more size templates
* Fixed: Accept and paste dropped image
* Fixed image location and background color in full screen Presentation mode
* Fixed
  "javax.imageio.IIOException: JFIF APP0 must be first marker after SOI" error

Link Plugin:

* Improved .desktop file format support
* Faster file load


* Load widgets "in background" for faster application startup
* NEW: Show/hide tool bar and Close/Minimize buttons on mouse hover
* Fixed: Use "Custom Font" in title bars
* Faster drag-and-drop and animations

Todo Widget:

* NEW: Added option to change widget title/name
  (see widget context menu -> Settings)

Internet Search Widget:

* Updated look
* Fixed Up/Down keyboard shortcuts

RSS Feed Reader Plugin:

* NEW: Smaller and faster RSS archive format. You can find the backup of the OLD
  archive in "RSS Archive Backup (for Makagiga 3.x).zip" file.
* NEW: List View: Middle-click to open an article in a new tab
* Images: Show title/alternate text in a tool tip
* Fixed: Wrap long tool tip texts


* NEW: Search Query dialog: Added Preview panel
* Updated RSS samples
* Create Category samples on first application launch
* Create Tree samples on first application launch
* Fixed: Do not render Tree item names as HTML content
* Tree Settings button: Added Advanced... menu item
* Improved thumbnail generator


* Show warning if file in open tab was modified by external application
* Improved tabs header layout
* Fixed: Hide/show text cursor after "Lock" button click
* Improved and fixed Links button


* Optimized application startup speed
* Fixed: Suppressed "Missing Application resource" error messages
* Properties Bar: Enable Star/Todo buttons by default
* Delete Private Data:
  - Clear the clipboard system "selection"
  - Removed "Delete RSS Feeds Archive" option
* Tags Menu:
  * NEW: Show Categories
  - Fixed: Correctly handle upper and lower case characters in tag names
  - Fixed: Limit menu height
* Fixed a very long menu item text in Help menu
* Added --test-time command line option (for testing only)
* Date/time editor: Do not popup auto completion window on Up/Down key press
* NEW: Clickable links in Plugins -> About -> License tab
* Fixed automatic link detection for "file:///" and "<>" URLs
* Fixed: Handle systems with unsupported System Tray
* Paste actions: Disabled faulty clipboard content detection.
  The Paste button is now always enabled.
* Added function to re-enable all "Tips of the day" messages
  (see menu -> Settings -> Advanced -> General)
* Improved Font preview and Font Chooser dialog
* Fixed: Do not show OS warning on every application startup
* NEW: Rewritten cache system
* Fixed text selection color in text editors and Note widget
* + A lot of smaller updates and bug fixes


* Settings -> General -> Open Links With:
  Added context menu with predefined Linux commands
* System tray icon: Fixed ugly "gray" background color
* Fixed: Larger mouse double-click interval
* Shortcut: Added "StartupWMClass" property (experimental)
* Upgraded xdg-utils to version 1.1.0-rc1. The xdg scripts are now included
  directly in makagiga.jar and makagiga-commons.jar packages.


* Installer: Fixed encoding in Polish translation
* Uninstaller
  - Correctly repair menu shortcuts
  - "Cancel" button to the confirmation messages
* Updated .exe launchers


* NEW: Added "Print Debug Messages" option to control "stderr" flow (see Tool Bar)
* Added "Console.printStdErr" (see above) and "Console.printStdOut" variables


* Handle errors if default JavaScript Engine does not exist
* Script Editor: Fixed text selection color


* README.html: Added Troubleshooting section


* Migration to JDK 7 and NetBeans IDE 7.0
* Added basic support for signed plugins
  (see README.txt in a plugin project directory)
* API clean up and refactoring - see PORTING.txt for details
* Removed deprecated/unused code
* Removed "ant validate" command
* Updated CSS file for the new Javadoc tool