Release Notes / ChangeLog

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2011/08/31  4.0 Beta 2 (aka 3.99.1) Codename: "Super-Sonnicus Idioticus"

Tabs and Tree:

* NEW: Added "Reset Zoom" action.
  See Menu Bar -> View -> Reset Zoom or press Ctrl+0.
  Changed existing keyboard shortcuts to avoid clash:
  - Image Editor:
    Ctrl+0 -> Ctrl+9 (Auto Zoom)
    Ctrl+7, Ctrl+9 -> Ctrl+[, Ctrl+] (Rotate Left/Right)
  - Rich-text Editor:
    Ctrl+0 -> Ctrl+9 (Clear Highlight)
* NEW: File Import: Added "Open imported files" option
* Show selected encryption algorithm in password dialog
* Version Control: Fixed preview of the previous document

Todo List:

* Use <progress> tag in export to HTML 5
* Use "hand" mouse cursor in task table
* Table Header: Paint "\u25CB"/"o" Unicode character instead "Circle" text

Image Editor:

* NEW: Resize Dialog: Added option to change size unit (pixels or percent)
* Updated tool icons; better support for dark color themes
* Fixed keyboard shortcuts for Rotate Left/Right actions

Link Plugin:

* NEW: Added export to HTML


* NEW: Two-color themes (see context menu -> Settings -> Colors)

Plugins: * Faster plugin updater/downloader * Fixed: Show "Restore Default Values" button in plugin options Misc.: * Delete Private Data: Fixed: Always clear all cache groups * Updated documentation in README.html file * Improved File Overwrite confirmation dialog * Main Settings: Added Apply button * Updated Oxygen Icon Theme * Updated Polish translation Plugins written in JavaScript: * Added onAction callback (default menu/tool bar action) * Added plugin.action property (default menu/tool bar action) * Added "window" variable with alert, confirm and prompt methods (like in web browsers ;) * Updated SDK templates Sources: * Fixed RPM build * Updated API examples