Release Notes / ChangeLog

2009/11/16  3.8

* Notepad: Create "clickable" links in exported HTML file
* Updated Oxygen Icon Theme
* Updated Polish translation
* About Window: Updated application info
* Tag Editor: Hide "Clear" button
* Tree: Updated "Search" box and dialog
* Quick Paste: Disabled buggy "Paste As HTML" option
  (it will be fixed in a future release)
* "boot.jar" file launcher and "org.makagiga.Boot" class is now obsolete
  and it will be removed in a future
  (use "makagiga.jar" and "org.makagiga.Main" instead).

Calendar Widget:

* Changed default "News" source to Wikinews
  (you can change the "News" link via menu -> Tools -> Plugin Settings -> Calendar)
* Added missing tool tip text for date input


* Fixed "bad path element" warning
* Fixed "Create Plugin Packages" menu item
* Updated and fixed API reference
* Added "minimal" example

Release notes for previous versions:
* 3.7 Beta
* 3.7.1 Beta
* 3.7.2 Beta
* 3.7.3 Beta