Release Notes / ChangeLog

2009/10/28  3.7.3 Beta

Todo List:

* NEW: Clickable links in "Designer" panel
* Allow drag and drop plain text


* NEW: Added support for background image (aka wallpaper)
* NEW: Transparent titles and icons
* Note Widget: Handle text dropped from external application
* Calendar: Use desktop background color
* Clock: Added more options

Link Plugin:

* Fixed "Edit" menu for empty link address

RSS Reader:

* Fixed RSS autodiscovery for HTML files

Image Editor:

* NEW: Added "Colorize" filter

User Interface:

* NEW: Customizable "Nimbus Look And Feel" color
* NEW: Removed "Tree" settings panel. Use "Tree Settings" button instead
  (see main tool bar).
* "Send File" renamed to "Email File"
* Various drag'n'drop fixes
* Removed +/- buttons from the tab toolbar (use "View" menu instead)
* Updated "Add or Remove Plugins" dialog
* Improved text antialiasing (font smoothing)
* Fixed small "gear" icon
* Font chooser: Added font size input box


* NEW: Color Chooser: Added "Color Picker" tab (EXPERIMENTAL)
* Export to HTML: Do not write obsolete "<!--" and "-->"
* Plugin Update: Do not update disabled plugins
* Color Chooser: Fixed "Restore default value" command
* Browser Settings: Added "Test" button
* Fixed "Copy as HTML" actions
* Improved print preview window
* Updated Oxygen Icon Theme
* README: Added "Environment Variables" section
* + Minor UI improvements and bug fixes


* NEW: Added "reset" command
* Added documentation links


* Plugin: Added support for multiline "copyright" info
* Plugin: Allow "qualifier" (string after the "-" character) in plugin version
  (example 2.9.10-beta)
* Improved Wizard UI
* Plugin: Added "String.where.text" entry (see
* Updated tests/documentation