Release Notes

2009/07/24  3.7.1 Beta

User Interface:

* Notifiaction Window: Added option to disable window transparency (right-click)
* Updated Oxygen Icon Theme


* Added Ctrl+Shift+T keyboard shortcut
  to show menu with recently closed tabs (aka history)


* Fixed widget background color in "Nimbus" Look And Feel


* NEW: Added option to display entered new+confirmed password text
* Added Help button


* Show Linux Distro info in Help|About|System tab
* Fixed small memory leaks
* Fixed image printing
* Source: Added tools/ script
* "Text (HTML)" plugin is now disabled by default
  (click Tools|Add or Remove Plugins|Editors/Viewers to enable)
* Faster application startup
* Updated Polish translation
* Fixed: Fit Proxy Settings dialog into screen height
* Fixed: Do not show error message
  if editor plugin was recently disabled by user (BUG #2816131)
* Do not show popup message boxes in "Add or Remove Plugin" dialog window
* + User interface improvements and minor bug fixes