Release Notes / ChangeLog

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2016-01-10  5.7 Beta


* NEW: Searching and filtering plugins by status (e.g. Disabled, Installed) and type

* Security: Digitally signed and verified plugin list (stuff.xml.gz file)
* Security: Optionally verify downloaded plugins using SHA-256 checksum


* NEW: Search Bar: Added "Search" and "Saved" menu buttons below input field
  instead of a one cluttered menu

* NEW: Customizable sessions (open tabs):
  - see menu bar|File|Restore Session/Manage Sessions
  - or Tabs context menu


* NEW: Color Themes (see settings)
* NEW: Customizable border size


* NEW: Color Themes (e.g. Solarized Dark)

* "Preview" is now called "Preview and Tools"
* Use larger Bold/Italic buttons in Snippets pane


* Show warning if a newer file format may be incompatible
  with your current (older) Makagiga version
* Fixed: Correctly update "Recently Completed" list
* System tray menu: Show short task time (if applicable)

Feed Viewer:

* NEW: Color Themes (see settings)
* NEW: Added Shift+F5 keyboard shortcuts to the "Refresh All Feeds" action
* Misc. fixes and optimizations in article list view
* Fixed "comments" tag parsing in some RSS feeds

Image Editor:

* NEW: Added Shift+G (play gif) and Ctrl+G (show grid) keyboard shortcuts
* Fixed: Added option to undo Blueprint action
* Fixed: Do not try to encrypt and save a file that is still loading

User Interface:

* EXPERIMENTAL: Added "UI.touchFriendly" Console option
  (currently bigger buttons in Modern Metal look and feel)
* Fixed: Modern Metal: Use gray color for disabled check boxes and radio buttons
* Minor fixes for Substance LAF
* New dialog window styles:
  - use native title/border in more dialogs
  - better support for wide or small screens
* Fixed: Hide text auto completion popup window on Alt+Tab press
* Make some buttons a little bit larger
* Fixed layout in some error messages
* + Various minor improvements

Color Chooser Button:

* NEW: Added "Create Color" menu, including new actions: "Contrast (Auto)",
  "Brigher", "Darker", "Similar", and "From Icon" (the last one option is
  available in Properties Bar and Properties window)
* "Makagiga" and "Muted" color palettes are now only visible
  in the color chooser window (click "More...")
* Updated "History" menu

"Tab/Widget List" button:

* NEW: The button is no longer available (use menu bar|Go menu instead)
* Removed Ctrl+Shift+G shortcut (use Alt+G instead)
* Removed "History" menu (use menu bar|File|History menu instead)

Checking for Updates:

* NEW: Added option to check for updates "Yearly"
* Show link to application release notes


* Fixed: A bit faster search in Tree and Tasks table
* Fixed: A more reliable and less crashy scripting error handling
* Text editors: Use tab size of 4 in text editors consistently
* Text editors: Fix "double" empty lines in empty files
* Console: Improve formatting in "debug" command
* Fix notification window autohide
* Fixed: Accept file passwords shorter than 9 characters
  for compatibility with Login plugin
* Show Java license link in About window
* Clean up Help menu and About window
* + Minor updates and fixes


* Fixed: Ensure that makagiga-source-*.zip package
  includes all the source code as in SVN
* ant: Fixed build after clean
* Initial support for Java 9
  - ClassLoader.getSystemClassLoader() no longer returns URLClassLoader
  - "Choose Input Method" menu item is no longer available
    ( is blocked)
* + Misc. updates, fixes, and API improvements