Release Notes / ChangeLog

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2014-08-02  5.0  Codename: Ultra-sonicus ad infinitum

User Interface:

* Update password dialog window; new online password generator link
* Various bugfixes and improvements

RSS Viewer:

* Warn if an URL contains a 202e (Unicode right-to-left override) character
* Fixed: Resolve HTML Entities in "Add Feed" dialog window (e.g. show ">" instead of ">")


* EXPERIMENTAL: Java source and Patch/Diff syntax highlighting


* Fixed: Show items in Tasks summary panel again
  after password protection remove
* Task table view optimizations


* NEW: Search Bar: Add "Back" button which can be used
  to switch between Tree and search results


* New old icon
* Linux: Basic Enlightenment and LXQt desktop environment support
* Fixed: Ignore system tray icon clicks if a modal dialog window is visible
* Fixed: Do not show "Add Task" menu in password fields
* NEW: Color choosers: Add "System" color palette (current Windows colors)
* Updated Polish translation
* Scripting: Temporarily hide script snippets that
  don't work with Nashorn and Security Manager

Image Viewer:

* EXPERIMENTAL: Image Info: Add "Copy as data: URI" action


* Fixed Javadoc warnings and errors
* Fixed minor issues reported by PMD tool
* Fixed warnings and errors reported by Eclipse Compiler

SDK Wizard:

* NEW: Add "Look and Feel" settings