Release Notes / ChangeLog

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2014-03-30  4.99 Beta (aka 5.x) "Codename: Ultra-sonicus ad infinitum"

* NEW: Press Ctrl+Up/Down in text editor to scroll up/down
  without changing the current selection
* NEW: Category name auto completion in task filter panels
* NEW: Preview in RSS Filters window
* General Settings: Added "Insert" button instead of context menu
* Fixed: Correct month name format in some UI elements
* Updated Java-related links and documentation
* Updated the Polish translation


* Added File|Settings menu item
* Removed internal "--test-sdk" command line option
  (use "ant run-sdk" command instead)

---- Alpha 1 ----

* NEW: This is the first Makagiga version that requires
  Java 8 (JRE) to run or compile. Tip: If you don't want to install JRE on your system
  you can download Makagiga packages with JRE already included (Linux and Windows only).

User Interface:

* NEW: Use Ctrl+Mouse Wheel to zoom in/out in all tabs
* New splash screen
* NEW: Highlight found text keywords in list views
* Various minor tweaks and improvements


* NEW: AES-128 file encryption (password protection).
  NOTE: To decrypt such file you need Java 8 and Makagiga 5.x.
  You can still select an older encryption algorithm
  for compatibility with Java 7/Makagiga 4.x.

Feed Viewer:

* NEW: Customizable background, text, and link colors


* NEW: Added "Line Width" and "Margin" options
* NEW: Text auto completion (EXPERIMENTAL)


* New default colors
* Settings: Background and Title color preview


* NEW: Basic Cinnamon Desktop Environment support
* Show Makagiga Process ID (pid) if application is already running
* Renamed Makagiga launcher files:
  - run-portable.* renamed to makagiga-portable.*
  - run.* renamed to makagiga.*
* Bug-fixes

Removed Features:

* Image Viewer: "Mouse Wheel Action" options
* Double click to minimize/restore all widgets
* Widget minimize button


* NEW: Print horizontal rule after each command
* Improved output and formatting
* Removed "Console.openInTab" option
* Fixed various "Kiosk.*" options
* Fixed: Do not redirect user output to stderr


* NEW: Some JavaScript scripts may be incompatible with the new Nashorn engine


* NEW: Added "String.iconOverlay" option (
* Improved Web Start support


* Fixed compiler and javadoc warnings
* Removed "ant doclint" command
* build.xml: Show required and current Java version
* See PORTING.txt for other API incompatibilities