Release Notes / ChangeLog

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2014-06-16  4.99.1 Beta (aka 5.x) "Codename: Ultra-sonicus ad infinitum"


* NEW: Added View|Syntax Highlighting menu. This feature is experimental
  and currently supports only HTML and JavaScript syntax.
* NEW: Added option to disable Text Auto Completion
* NEW: Auto completion of month/day names


* New task color chooser in table context menu

Feed Viewer:

* NEW: Show RSS favicons in Tree
* Fixed XML parsing errors


* Calendar: Use narrow (one letter) day name format if widget size is small
* Clocks: New time zone chooser
* NEW: Snap to other widgets during drag and drop


* NEW: Show folder content ("Items:") in tool tip
* Fixed: Do not add encrypted tasks to the "Recently Completed" list

User Interface:

* NEW: Updated and modernized the standard Metal theme
* Fixed: Windows OS: Use OK-Cancel-Apply layout in dialogs (instead of OK-Apply-Cancel)
* NEW: Highlight search results in table views
* Smooth scroll animations in various views
* Minor UI tweaks and improvements

NEW in Color Choosers:

* Added "Retro" color palette
* Added black and white colors to the default "Oxygen" color palette
* Added History menu
* Show "Current" color in dialog window


* NEW: Console Settings: Added "Copy" and "Revert" menu items
* Updated bundled/private Java to version 8 Update 5
* NEW: Added Help|Check for Updates menu item
* + Bug-fixes and minor improvements

NEW in Scripting:

* New output/error console
* Configurable font in built-in script editor
* Syntax Highlighting is now available by default
  (the old Syntax Highlighting plugin is no longer supported in Makagiga 5.x)


* Fixed/Updated Eclipse and NetBeans project files
* Added "ui/run" stock icon