Release Notes / ChangeLog

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* 4.7 Alpha 1 Screenshots
* Previous releases

2013/03/22  4.7 Beta


* NEW: Show tagged calendar days in the "Tags" menu
* Fixed export to iCalendar
* Fixed day name text color in calendar widget
* Larger font in date/time pickers

Feed Viewer:

* NEW: Button to open main RSS home page
* Fixed "UTFDataErrorException" error caused by very long feed articles

User Interface:

* Larger buttons in color pickers
* Removed rounded corners and "glass" backgrounds from some UI elements
* Better monospaced (fixed-width) fonts in UI elements
* Fixed text antialiasing in Razor-Qt, E17, and Openbox desktop environments
* Minor font and color tweaks


* NEW: Tree: Sorting by document type (see context menu -> Sort By)
* NEW: Regular expression editors: Added convenient "Test" field
* Notification: Stop window autohide on mouse hover
* Fixed: Always snap notification window to edge of the screen
* Improved validators in "New Password" window
* + Various optimizations and bugfixes

Internet Search Widget:

* Fixed favicon downloading and display
* Updated DuckDuckGo favicon

Image Editor:

* NEW: "Zoom" action in selection context menu
* NEW: Added function to change canvas size (see Scale/Resize Image...)
* Improved "Filters & Effects" window
* Fixed: Enable/disable zoom buttons after zoom in/out
* Bigger default canvas width and height in new images
* Fixed selection context menu
* Fixed some drag and drop operations


* NEW: JDK 8: build.xml: added "doclint" target (API documentation validator)
* Improved compatibility with early JDK 8 builds
* Fixed unit tests

Alpha 1 ------------------------------------------------------------------------


* Show file extensions directly in Import/Export menu items
* Minor Thumbnail and Preview fixes


* NEW: Grouping tasks by Category, Priority, etc.
  (click Tasks -> Filter -> Group By)
* NEW: EXPERIMENTAL: Basic Markdown Syntax support in Summary column
  (see menu -> View -> Markdown Syntax)
* NEW: Improved alarm notification window
* Fixed: Ensure selected task is always visible in table
* Unified "Task Properties" UI (button, menu) in both widget and tab
* Optimized date/time renderers


* NEW: Background and text color options
* Use "native" colors for text selection


* Wikipedia options moved to the "Internet Search" widget menu

User Interface:

* NEW: Show zoom controls (+/- buttons) in all tabs
* Fixed: Do not steal keyboard input focus while updating plugins
* Fixed wrong popup menu location in some tool bars
* New dashed separator line style


* NEW: Tab History (Ctrl+Shift+T): Group items by date; keep more items in history
* NEW: Tab moving/reordering (click tab title and press Ctrl+Left/Right)
* Do not show duplicated items in "Links" button


* Simplified text formatting
* Show File System name in "Disk Free" tab


* Fixed: Stop and dispose Applet component on tab close or application shutdown
* Master Password: Better security and usability
* Security Manager: Suppressed verbose logging in "developer mode"
* Improved Category editor
* Look and Feel settings: Added preview images for CDE/Motif and Metal
* Feed Viewer tab: Removed redundant "Open" button

Version Control:

* Delete Private Data: Detect and remove invalid/orphaned previous document versions
* Fixed: Show confirmation window even if preview is unavailable


* Built-in "user.js"
* Do not clear entered command if invalid


* Removed static "makagiga.nsh" file; it is now generated dynamically via build.xml