Release Notes / ChangeLog

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* Quick Visual Guide @ Makagiga Blog
* Previous releases

2013/01/16  4.5 Beta

Final Beta ---------------------------------------------------------------------


* New plain text format based on Org mode
  Hint: you can export Makagiga tasks as
  Org mode text via menu Edit -> Copy or File -> Export
* Fixed multiline summary rendering in UI

Tasks Summary:

* Fixed: Collapse/restore tree nodes on filter clear
* Bold font in summary text 
* Improved printing
* Misc. bugfixes and UI tweaks

Feed Reader:

* Fixed Atom feeds autodiscovery
* Viewer Tab: Quick RSS Feed configuration via "Settings" button
* "Add Feed" window: Convenient "Block Images" and "Exclude from..." options

MS Windows:

* Fixed application shortcuts and launchers (run.exe and run-portable.exe)
* Use "Consolas" as monospaced font if possible
* Fixed "Cancel" button in dialog windows


* Fixed: Show text completion window above text field if validator message
  is visible; do not hover validator text messages
* Show list action buttons in Plugins tab and in font chooser dialog
* New and updated icons in many UI elements
* Fixed: Show error message if plugin download failed
* Improved security manager
* CDE/Motif Look and Feel is back
* Scripting: Updated JavaScript snippets
* + Minor updates and fixes

Alpha 3 ------------------------------------------------------------------------

Feed Viewer:

* Bold font in unread RSS articles
* Changed default color of unread RSS articles
* Support article "Author" info in Atom 1.0 feeds

Delete Private Data:

* Clear Console history
* Auto clear text in Internet Search widget


* Console: script command: Added "Exit" button
* Tasks: Improved export to iCalendar format
* "Save As..." button in "Error Details" window
* Auto select all text in focused input field
* Improved preview in font chooser dialog
* Improved Security Manager
* Minor bugfixes and updates

Alpha 2 ------------------------------------------------------------------------

* Various optimizations
* Updated Security Manager UI
* Minor updates and fixes
* Notifications: Different colors for errors, information, etc.


* Hide ".makagiga" folder by default (add "hidden" attribute)
* Fixed run.exe and run-portable.exe launchers

Alpha 1 ------------------------------------------------------------------------


* NEW: Support for "Minutely" repeat rules
* NEW: Repeat Rules: Add confirmation option
* NEW: Search and filter tasks by priority type (High, Normal, etc.)
  and progress (0%, 50%, etc.)
* Use right text alignment in Date/Time columns

Image Viewer:

* New navigation between images:
  - Press Space/Backspace to open next/previous file
  - Added Previous/Next tool bar buttons and menu items


* Fixed unreadable text color in some configurations
* Improved preview in Category editor


* Larger text cursor width in text editors
* Improved HTML rendering in Preview panel


* NEW: Find Previous text function (Shift+F3)
* NEW: DuckDuckGo Internet search plugin as the default search provider
* Built-in browser: Show page title in tab/window
* NEW: Show image during drag-and-drop operations (not supported on Linux :(
* Improved text auto completion
* Fixed poor text color contrast in various UI elements
* Fixed "Up" mouse gesture
* Updated reqular expression editor (MRegexPanel):
  - Auto completion for basic pattern syntax
  - Built-in help (press Down Arrow key)
* Security manager tweaks
* + Various minor bugfixes and optimizations

Application Launchers:

* Re-enabled Java class verifier (removed -Xverify:none option)
* Documentation and workaround for file systems
  without +x (executable) attribute support ( problem)


* EXPERIMENTAL: Added basic support for JavaFX runtime library (jfxrt.jar)
* Added "ui/today" icon
* Support for plugin keywords