Release Notes / ChangeLog

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2011/12/05  4.1 Beta

[A short summary with screenshots]

* System tray icon: Show Tasks summary in context menu

Text/HTML Editor:

* EXPERIMENTAL: Insert Table action (Edit -> Insert -> Insert Table...)
* Insert Image action (Edit -> Insert -> Insert Image...)

File Cache:

* Smaller disk usage in "portable" mode
* Fixed: Correctly remove unused cache entries

Image Viewer:

* Show JPEG comments in the Info panel
* Search files by JPEG comment (Tree panel)


* About box: Draw large logo in right-bottom window corner
* Various animations in dialog windows
* Limit dialog window size on large screens


* E17 Desktop Environment support
* GNOME 3: Fix \r and \n (new line) in window titles

Alpha 3

Widgets: * "Desktop" is now called "Workspace" * Do not disable Settings menu item if workspace is locked Task List: * NEW: Date choosers: "Next Day/Week/etc." buttons and menu items everywhere * Improved "Modify selected" context menu Misc.: * NEW: GTK+ bookmarks (aka Places) and common Makagiga folders in file chooser (click Bookmarks button) * Linux/Openbox: Enable text antialiasing via command line option in "makagiga" launcher * Linux: Basic Unity support * Fixed errors caused by failed RSS Archive migration * Minor RSS Archive optimizations * Plugins: Mirror servers are temporarily disabled * Misc. UI improvements

Alpha 2

Tree: * NEW: Cut, Copy and Paste actions in context menu * NEW: Option to show last modified time (Tree Settings button -> Date) * NEW: File -> Import -> Import Folder... action * NEW: Black, blue, and brown folder icons (see folder properties) Task List: * EXPERIMENTAL: Custom task colors (see context menu -> Modify Selected -> Set Color..., or click the "circle" column) Task Summary panel: * NEW: Tasks settings (menu -> Tools -> Settings -> Tasks) * NEW: Filtering by category and new filter bar * Updated task alarms (popup notifications) Text/HTML Editor: * NEW: Open linked Makagiga documents in a new tab * NEW: Edit/View HTML function (see menu bar -> Edit) * NEW: Context menu: "Open" menu item to open links in external browser * Fixed: Open relative file links * Fixed Enter key (inserting new lines) * Fixed default CSS * Fixed: Hide comment tags in edit mode Notepad: * HTML Preview: Settings -> Download and Show Images option Feed Reader: * NEW: Improved keyboard navigation for RSS articles (see menu -> File) * Icons in blue, less distracting color theme User Interface: * NEW: Keyboard support for popup notifications (see menu -> View -> Notifications) * Fixed: Larger minimum font size in A03 LAF Misc.: * NEW: Update Plugin: Automatically check for updates. This function is disabled by default. See menu -> Tools -> Settings -> Update for more info. * Improved various settings windows * Misc.optimizations * Fixed plugin installer and uninstaller * Wikipedia Browser: Fixed external link handling and content parsing * Removed verbose log messages Linux: * GNOME Shell: Fixed multiple lines in window titlebar * Menu shortcut: Added "Java" category, fixed icon name warning * Basic support for LXDE * Improved error/tip text in launcher Scripting: * Added workaround for OpenJDK packages without JavaScript engine * Improved error messages SDK/Source: * Fixed Web Start build script * MAKAGIGA_LINGUAS environment variable option * SDK wizard: Validate plugin ID Javadoc API documentation: * Run javadoc in offline mode * Use en_US locale * Improved CSS for "a" and "code" tags Security Manager (experimental, disabled in this version): * Basic API for master/login password * Improved Security Manager dialog * Fixes, stabilizations, and other improvements

Alpha 1

Task List: * NEW: Option to hide completed tasks (see Filter Panel -> "+" button -> Show Completed Tasks) * NEW: Option to show tool tips (menu -> View -> Tool Tips) * Removed distracting indicator icons from the Summary column Feed Viewer: * Fixed RSS article scrolling using Up/Down keys Widgets: * Fixed: Do not steal global input focus during application startup User Interface: * Updated Russian translation * Search boxes: Now you can press Up/Down key to select previous/next item in the related list view * Fixed: Highlighting of selected UI component associated with menu item (see View -> Tool Bars) * Dialog window: Drag tool bar to move window Image Editor: * EXPERIMENTAL: Added "Edit -> Create: Blueprint" action (an image with blue background, grid, and predefined brush properties) * Improved printing quality Tree: * NEW: Improved item selection using mouse * Auto select imported files Misc.: * NEW: Statistics window: Show free disk space. It's useful if you are using Makagiga on a USB stick with limited capacity. * NEW: Calendar Tab (menu -> Tools -> Calendar): Added printing support * Improved "New Folder" dialog Console: * NEW: Added Ctrl+S and Ctrl+I keyboard shortcuts (command history) * NEW: Added "Net.connectTimeout" and "Net.readTimeout" variables. Set higher value (in milliseconds) if you have connection errors. API: * API changes