Release Notes / ChangeLog

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2012/02/01  4.1.1 Beta

Todo List:

* Fixed column rendering in Substance Look and Feel


* Fixed: Correctly validate maximum new file/folder name length
* Properties Bar: Fixed annoying tool tip popups on bottom of the screen that
  blocked mouse input

Feed Reader:

* Wide List View: Hide filtered articles, show custom article colors

Text/HTML Editor:

* NEW: Superscript and Subscript support (see Edit menu and Designer panel)
* Designer panel: Font chooser dialog, Highlight button
* Fixed the default document CSS

Image Viewer:

* Added "F" keyboard shortcut (auto fit in window)
* Fixed: Update scroll bars in all open documents after zoom in/out

User Interface:

* Improved color choosers (example: Note widget settings):
  - "Swap Color" action
  - "Automatic Color" action
* Nimbus Look And Feel: Custom font support
  (see Settings -> Advanced -> Look and Feel)
* Improved support for Pgs Look and Feel
* Substance Look And Feel: Better support for dark color themes


* Updated Polish translation
* Improved built-in help; see Help -> Topics menu
* Linux: Print colored logs to stderr (red errors, green infos, etc.)
* Script editor: Show "Syntax Highlighting" install button
* Tags menu: "Open All in Tabs" action for items with categories
* Calendar panel: Improved current day indicator
* Text editors: Paste plain text if HTML content is not available
* Show widget names in "What's This?" (Shift+F1) mode
* Simplified URL addresses in link buttons and tool tips
  ( ->
* Category preview in Category editor
* Color choosers: Added "Android" color palette
* + Various bugfixes and minor improvements


* "clear" command: Do not remove command history (clear output and logs only)


* Updated and fixed unit test


* Hide useless "heap memory" button