Release Notes / ChangeLog

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2010/11/22  3.8.9

User Interface:

* NEW: Added Drop Shadows (based on the SwingX project)
* A03 Look And Feel: Improved list, tree and table rendering


* NEW: Show plugin preview image in file chooser
* Help browser: Added "Forward" tool bar button
* Print Preview: Improved page format options
* Text fields: Show auto completion popup window on Up/Down key press
* Tree Settings button: Improved thumbnail size configuration menu
* Tree: "New Folder..." menu item is now always enabled
* Widgets: Show "About" menu item in a widget context menu
* Wikipedia Viewer: Show current page title in tab
* Fixed memory leaks in New Folder and Properties dialog windows
* Updated Polish translation


* NEW: Added "jvisualvm" command
* Speed optimizations


* Removed Makefile (Ant/build.xml wrapper)


* Code and API clean up
* API Changes