Release Notes / ChangeLog

  Previous releases:

2010/11/08  3.8.8

See also: What's new in Makagiga 3.8.8 Alpha?

Calendar Widget:

* NEW: Show day info and News in internal Wikipedia viewer
* Month chooser menu: Added a nice icons with month numbers

Internet Search:

* NEW: Show Wikipedia article in internal viewer

Widgets Tab:

* Fixed text in View -> Lock menu item
* Fixed close and minimize buttons in locked mode
* Fixed: Never show Properties Bar or Text Search panel

RSS Viewer:

* NEW: Added "Save As..." button
* Fixed support for local files (file:// URLs)

Image Viewer:

* Fixed UI layout in the Designer panel

Rich Text/HTML editor:

* NEW: Added password protection support

User Interface:

* NEW: Russian translation by Danil
* NEW: Resizable modal dialog windows
* Show LAF preview images in combo box
* NEW: Show color palettes in color chooser dialog window
* Updated color pickers
* Improved "Quick Paste" dialog window
* Always paint "prompt text" in empty focused text fields
* Fixed Esc key and Tab-key navigation in "Add or Remove Plugins" window
* Dialog window: Paint "tail" arrow above input validator message
* Removed Previous/Next navigation buttons from the status bar area
* EXPERIMENTAL: Mac: Use Mac OS X-like "?" button in dialog windows
* A03 Look and Feel 4.0.4 is no longer supported;
  please upgrade to version 4.0.5 or newer
* Tabs context menu: Added "Copy File Location" menu item for files and documents


* Task List: Fixed pasting of plain text
* Updated Polish translation
* NEW: Text editors: Added option to insert a "Ballot box" Unicode symbol.
  See context menu -> More...
* Fixed full screen window mode on Linux
  (the full screen window is now always on top)
* Fixed text auto completion popup window in some dialog boxes
* Task Summary: Show total number of tasks in each group
* Todo List statistics: Show numer of tasks
* Backup: Show date of the last backup
* Installer for Windows: Do not create Desktop shortcut


* NEW: Merged "sdk" and "platform" (7)zip packages into one file
* Updated and fixed findbugs.xml template
* file moved to the "po" subdirectory
* A detailed comparison between the current and previous APIs


* build.xml: Fixed destination directory in the "validate" target
* build.xml: Removed "platform" target; use "sdk" instead
* Added tools/ script
* Java Web Start launchers: Changed update policy from "background" to "always"
* Javadoc: Added links to external API docs