Release Notes / ChangeLog

2010/09/28  3.8.7

User Interface:

* NEW: Added Widgets tab
* NEW: Tab area is now on top; above editor tool bar
* NEW: Added support for tab colors
* NEW: Look and Feel preview in Settings window
* NEW: Added "Internet Search" widget.
  This replaces the old "Internet Search" panel on the main tool bar.
* NEW: Re-Added option to hide the main tool bar
  (menu -> View -> Tool Bars -> Main Tool Bar)
* Screenshots

* Changed location of the "Import" and "Export" menus;
  added better info/error messages
* Improved paste from clipboard (Ctrl+Shift+V) and drag and drop support
* Task Summary: Show tasks for Tomorrow in a separated group
* Tag Editor: Use standard background and foreground colors
  for better integration with various color schemes
* Added drop shadow plugin support for widgets without border
* New side tool box in Image Viewer and Text Editor
* Widgets: Fixed Ctrl+F4, Ctrl+F6 and Ctrl+F9 keyboard shortcuts
* Removed "Print" button from the tab tool bar.
  You can still use File|Print instead.

Update Plugin:

* Added "Update Plugins..." button
* Improved UI

RSS Reader:

* New tool bar
* Removed bottom tool bar and other redundant UI elements

Tab/Widget List button (Ctrl+Shift+G):

* NEW: Added "Up" mouse gesture; see Help for more info
* Button moved to the menu bar area (upper-right window corner)
* Added Alt+1..0 keyboard shortcuts


* Misc. fixes in File Properties dialog window
* Internet search widget: Removed redundant "Are you sure?" confirmation message
* Tree: Show error if new file name contains whitespace only
* Updated Polish translation


* Fixed: Include required META-INF/ file
  in the makagiga-commons.jar
* Added ui/complete and ui/conversation stock icons
* A detailed comparison between the current and previous API: