Release Notes / ChangeLog

2010/08/10  3.8.6


* NEW: Added option to lock all widgets

RSS Reader:

* Show link to embedded Flash movie (or descriptive error message)
  instead of red "??"
* The "Load the Complete Story" option is now enabled
  only if "modern" HTML renderer is available

Image Viewer:

* Added Color Opacity option
* Show image load progress
* Improved "Filters and Effects" window
* Automatically collapse unused tool panels
* Improved full screen "Presentation" view

HTML Text Editor:

* This plugin is now enabled by default again
* Added "Highlight" tool
* Fixed keyboard shortcut for "Strike Through" action
* Fixed "Show HTML" window
* Updated "Designer" panel

Todo Manager:

* A new column view settings menu (see upper-right table corner)

* Export to HTML 5 by default, generate more human-readable HTML code, ...
* Improved Paste dialog

User Interface:

* New animations (calendar, font chooser, widget close/move). You can disable
  all animations in menu -> Tools -> Settings -> Advanced -> Look And Feel.
* Tabs: Middle-button click to close a Tab under mouse cursor
* Tool Bars: Show text alongside icons for small (16x16) icons

* Properties Bar: Customizable view (see the "+" button)

* System Tray Icon: "Add Sticky Note" replaced with "Paste Text as Sticky Note"
* Link Button: Removed "Post to" menu item
* Notification popup window is now always on top
* Added option to hide "Internet Search" panel:
  menu -> View -> Tool Bars -> Internet Search
* Display "Cancel" button as hyperlink in dialog windows
* Removed File -> Tabs menu
* File -> Export menu moved to the Tree context menu
* Removed duplicated Edit -> Settings menu item
  (use Tools -> Settings instead, sorry GNOME users :)


* Optimized and fixed thumbnail preview generator


* Updated Polish translation
* Updated Oxygen Icon Theme
* Plugin Downloader: Cache downloaded plugin list
* + Small updates and fixes


* Added option to disable history limit (history --limit -1)



* Improved input field validators in project Wizard
* Fixed UI layout in Wizard dialog

Source Files:

* Javadoc/SyntaxHighlighter: Updated to version 3.0.83,
  changed default theme to "Eclipse", added "Plain" brush


* Added Trident animation library (org.pushingpixels.trident package)
* Added org.makagiga.Tab class
* Added package (iterator utilities)
* Added org.makagiga.commons.transition package
* Added MGraphics2D class
* Added MURLButton.linkColor property
* Added PropertyPanel.highlightFocusedEditor property
* Added TK.maxLength(Iterable<String>)
* Added TK.capitalize(String)
* Updated org.makagiga.db package (still experimental ;)
* Re-implemented link checker (DefaultPageChecker class); MURLAction.secureOpen
  and MURLButton.secureOpen properties are now "false" by default.
* A detailed comparison between the current and previous API