Release Notes / ChangeLog

2010/05/27  3.8.5

User Interface:

* NEW: More small icons in tabs and menu items
* NEW: Tree: Added option to set small icons
  (see main tool bar -> Tree Settings -> Small Icons)
* Removed "Special Effects" option
* Refreshed "Look and feel" settings panel
* A03 Look and Feel: Squeeze long text to fit in tab title

Todo List:

* Added export to iCalendar (tasks only)
* Improved "Paste" action
  (now it's possible to paste multiple text lines as single task)

RSS Feed Viewer:

* Removed unused Back and Stop buttons
* Added Ctrl+L keyboard shortcut for the "Complete Story" button
* UI cleanup
* Improved footer printing
* Fixed: Do not display old (duplicated) articles as new
* Changed default color of unread RSS articles


* Updated Polish translation
* Splash Screen: Added progress bar
* Added PAD file support
* Better fixed-width font in Console and in Script Editor
* Document search: Show spaces as "<Space>" in "Text not found" message
* OpenSearch plugins: Fixed small icon in popup menu
* Linux launchers: Handle space characters in command line options
* Fixed wrong tab icon on mouse exit
* Fixed: Close splash screen window on main window show
* + small UI improvements and bug fixes

Plugin Installer:

* Auto set as default newly installed Look And Feel
* Auto enable previously disabled plugin after reinstallation


* NEW: Added "history" command
* Press Up/Down arrow to bring previous/next command
* Added color and icon support


* API Changes: 3.8.3 -> 3.8.5