Release Notes / ChangeLog

2010/04/30  3.8.4


* Delete Private Data: Improved confirmation dialog for
  "Delete previous document versions"
* Show alternate keyboard shortcut (e.g. Ctrl+Y and Ctrl+Shift+Z)
  in tool bar button tool tip
* Updated Polish translation
* Console: Removed "Todo.newTaskPanelPosition"
  and "Todo.priorityPrimaryColor" options
* UI: New configuration for "OK/Cancel" buttons layout
  (menu -> Tools -> Settings -> Advanced -> Look And Feel)
* Changed default cache policy for downloaded HTML images
  (this will improve performance and bandwidth usage
  in RSS viewer and in the internal HTML browser)
* Image Editor: Improved Effects/Filters window
* Todo List: Fixed Tab key navigation in "Add" panel
* UI: Fixed link foreground color in dark look and feel themes
* Load RSS archive on startup (offline)
* Show tagged RSS articles in "Tags" menu
* Fixed: Get More Plugins: Stop network activity on dialog close
* Fix for bug #2988499 - error on LINUX XFCE
* Fixed background and text color in script editor
* Fix for bug #2980182 - Makagiga does not see javaw.exe on 64 bit windows


* New File dialog: Added "Get More Plugins" button
* Added "Get more plugins" button for Notepad Designer panel and Script editor

Tags Menu:

* Removed "Items without Tags" submenu
* Separate "System tags" submenu from user tags
* Show tagged RSS articles