Release Notes / ChangeLog

2010/03/30  3.8.3

RSS Reader:

* NEW: Feed Properties: Added convenient "Global Settings" button
* Show number of new/unread articles for each feed
* Removed "Mark As Read/Unread" menu
* Removed "New Articles" folder
* Fixed: Handle link addresses with malformed URI
* RSS Filters: Added "Copy" button
* RSS Filters: Improved user interface
* Auto close notification window on tab open

Todo List:

* Show "Priority" column by default
* Show "warning" icon for High and Very High priority
* Added export to HTML 5; fixed export to XHTML

Task Summary panel:

* Improved print button
* Improved user interface
* Fixed: Do not automatically expand/collapse tree items
* Show number of items

Image Editor/Viewer:

* Addded "Posterize" and "Pointillize" filters/effects

User Interface:

* Internet search: Updated favicons
* Added menu bar -> View -> Location Bar option
* More rounded corners...
* NEW: Color palettes in color picker and color menu
* Improved support for Substance LAF 6.0; v5.x is no longer supported.
* Better tool tip texts in tool bar and rating buttons
* Removed File|Previous/Next menu items. You can still use the Alt+Left/Right
  keyboard shortcut or status bar buttons...
* Improved Tree and plugin list view
* Added Ctrl+Shift+G keyboard shortcut for "Tab/Widget List" menu


* Updated Polish translation
* Added basic support for Xfce Desktop Environment
* Script Editor: Do not change current column on error
* Category menu: Allow remove old category entry
* Fixed menu bar keyboard shortcuts in "presentation" mode/view


* Fixed auto completion window position
* Removed "UI.hollywood" and "UI.singleClick" options
* Added "UI.web" option


* Removed old "desklet" API.
  Please use "Widget" class instead of "DeskletWidget".

* + small UI improvements and bug fixes