Release Notes / ChangeLog

2010/02/21  3.8.2


* NEW: "To-Do" widget is now included in the base Makagiga package

RSS Viewer:

* NEW: RSS Filters
  RSS Filters

* NEW: Added "Author" column (wide list view);
  removed "Show the author of each article" option


* (Re-)added Ctrl+Shift+H keyboard shortcut for "HTML Preview"

Image Editor:

* NEW: Added "Marble" filter


* Better support for Sea Glass Look And Feel
* File|History menu moved to the "Tab/Widget List" button (see main tool bar)
* File|Quick Open menu item moved to the "Find Files" panel
  (click the "+" button or press Ctrl+O)
* Accessibility: Use "radio button" instead of bold font

* Properties Bar: Added "Color" button
  Color Button

* Internet Search: Press Alt+Down to change search engine
* Fixed small memory leaks
* Updated Polish translation
* Updated Oxygen Icon Theme
* Minor improvements in the "Summary" panel
* Color Chooser: Improved "HTML" tab
* Console: Removed "UI.decorated" option
* Mac OS X: Fixed some keyboard shortcuts
* Mac OS X: Removed "This operating system (...) is not fully supported" message
* + small UI improvements and bug fixes


* Fixed "ant buildrpm builddeb" on Ubuntu Karmic
* Removed obsolete/experimental Arch package builder