Release Notes / ChangeLog

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2011/01/22  3.8.11

User Interface:

* NEW: Tabs: Show tool tip with a tab number on Alt key press
  (tip: you can switch between tabs using Alt+1..0 keyboard shortcuts)
  Circle Column
* Re(Added) File -> Import menu for compatibility
  with other apps and older Makagiga versions
* Text editors/HTML viewers: Restore old scroll position after text zoom in/out
* NEW: Text Editors: Added "Paste as HTML" menu item to the context menu

Updated Application Launchers:

* Use -jar parameter instead of -cp + class name
* Removed unused -Djava.library.path parameter
* Removed -splash:splash.png parameter
* Linux: Disabled Startup Notification
* NEW: Linux: Added support for the new "fast" Java Splash Screen


* Removed --no-splash command line option
  (run java -splash: -jar makagiga.jar to hide the default splash screen)
* NEW: "Summary" button: Added a small tool tip with a list of scheduled tasks
* Todo List Widget: Fixed keyboard shortcuts 
* Removed extra content margin (padding) from table cell editors.
  This fixes a truncated g or q characters in task list table.
* Fixed duplicated menu item separators in Import, Export and Tags menus  
* Printing: Better job names (visible in a system Print Manager)
* Updated Oxygen Icon Theme
* Updated Polish translation
* Console: "debug" command: List all active threads
* + Small updates and fixes

Todo List:

* NEW: Added "Circle" table column
  (4-in-1 - progress, priority, status and basic date setter)
  Note: This column is visible by default only in new documents and widgets.
  You can right-click on the table header to configure the default columns.
  Circle Column

RSS Reader:

* Show error message if RSS URL address already exists
* Do not fetch again already downloaded RSS
* Improved "Add RSS Feed" dialog window
* Improved error messages

Image Editor:

* Show progress message during image filtering
* Renamed menu item: Resize (Scale)... -> Scale Image...

Plugin Settings:

* Changed menu item name and window title
  from "Add or Remove Plugins" to "Plugins"
* Changed order of the Move Up/Down buttons

Scripting (tool bar actions):

* Show a new Action button in a more expected location
* NEW: Added "Show only in this context" option

Binary Package:

* Removed splash.png file; it's now in makagiga.jar/META-INF package

SDK Package:

* Removed internal po/ script from the project template directory
* Removed findbugs-project.xml template file. It is now generated automatically.


* NEW: Added Javadoc.jar
  - a various doclets and taglets used by the API documentation generator
* API Changes