Release Notes / ChangeLog

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2010/12/27  3.8.10


* Fixed: Quick Paste: Always save pasted text in UTF-8 encoding
* NEW: Secure file deletion (experimental option)

Properties Bar:

* (Re)Added Bookmark and Lock buttons - click "+" button to configure...
* Added "Add Star" and "Todo" button.
  Items with star or todo icon are now displayed in the "Bookmarks" menu.
* Show text auto completion popup window for recently added tags

RSS Reader Plugin:

* Fixed duplicated RSS articles
* Add Feed window: Automatically paste and preview a new RSS address


* Todo List: Improved export to HTML
* Widgets: Better default location for new widgets
* Task Summary: Show task categories
* Color choosers: Remember and restore the previously selected color palette
* GTK+ Look And Feel: Fixed combo box arrow button width
* Links Button: Detect and show all URLs in the current document/tab
* Improved GTK+ Look And Feel support
* Updated Polish translation
* Updated Oxygen Icon Theme
* Added workaround for a slow UI in OpenJDK
* + Small updates and fixes


* Fixed stability issues
* More readable output listings
* Added "Kiosk.Notification.locked" option to lock Notification window position
* Added "Kiosk.Table.columnReorderingAllowed" option to disable table column


* API Changes