Release Notes / ChangeLog

2009/12/28  3.8.1

RSS Reader:

* NEW: Wide list view: Added "Open" column
* Collapse folder with articles on tab close
* Fixed: Do not print "FileNotFoundException" error message
  if favicon is not available
* Fixed Ctrl+T ("Tabs" menu)
  and Ctrl+Shift+T ("History" menu) keyboard shortcuts
* Fixed "entity" errors in some RSS XMLs


* New "HTML Preview" panel (see Designer)
* HTML Preview: Cache downloaded images

Todo List:

* Fixed location of the "statistics" tool tip popup
* Improved perfomance in GTK+ Look And Feel

Image Viewer:

* Improved zoom in/out
* Added Ctrl+Insert (Copy) and Shift+Insert (Paste) keyboard shortcuts


* Tree: Better small icons in "location bar"
* Console: debug: Show "line.separator" value as "\n" and "\r"
* UI: Smaller and less distracting color chooser button
* UI: Main tool bar is now always visible
* UI: Removed View|Go To menu
  (see Help or press Shift+F1 to display old keyboard shortcuts)
* Summary: Allow node collapse
* Summary: Do not print headers for empty task list
* Main Tool Bar: Added "Tab/Widget List" button
* Calendar: Show "blue" border for selected day
* Updated Polish translation
* Console: "debug" command: print logs and swing-timer info
* Applet Support: Improved status bar implementation
* Optimization: Disable file-cache for small icons
* UI: Disabled background trasnsparency for cell tips
* UI: Fixed layout in "Designer" panel
* File Import: Create backup of the previous/existing file
* Automatic plugin update after Makagiga upgrade
* UI: Show application name in the notification popup title
* Improved tag editor
* NEW: Color Chooser: Added Undo/Redo buttons
* Use "Ki", "Mi", and "Gi" symbols in size format
  (example: 5,5 MiB instead of 5,5 MB)
* Fixed "Find Files" plugin
* Updated Oxygen Icon Theme
* UI: Better icons and text in "clear" actions
* Removed deprecated "boot.jar" file (use makagiga.jar instead)
* Fixed color chooser tool tips
* Fixed bugs discovered via FindBugs(tm)
* Password Dialog: Show minimum required password length
* Notification window: Disable "Settings" menu item if feature is not supported
* GTK+ Look And Feel is now available again. It's not used by default.
  However, you can change it via Tools -> Settings -> Look And Feel
* Improved "Designer" button text
* Print Preview: Fixed memory leaks
* Fixed image printing
* System summary (About|System tab):
  - faster display
  - include "Toolkit" info
  - do not append "[]" if build info is empty


* Plugin Wizard: Added "custom license" option
* Include "LICENSE.txt" file in the plugin package
* Fixed: Do not popup text autocompletion window on Previous/Next button click
* Added ChangeLog file


* Added "ant blob" command (create one big jar file)
* Examples: build.xml cleanup; added commons.xml

API Changes:

* Comparison