Release Notes

2009/05/29  3.5 Beta

RSS Reader:

* Added "wide" list view


* Fixed searching for text
* Fixed "Fixed Width Font" option


* Added command icons
* Changed keyboard shortcut to Ctrl+Shift+K
* Added Ctrl+Shift+DOWN mouse gesture
* Misc. fixes and improvements


* NEW: Password-Based Encryption. More Information...
* Improved support for the A03 Look And Feel
* Improved performance and startup time
* Improved User Interface
* Properties Bar: Fixed "Lock" button
* "Open..." action renamed to "Quick Open..."
* Improved Summary panel
* Exclude completed tasks from Summary panel
* Updated Oxygen Icon Theme
* Updated Polish translation
* Show info if application is running in "Safe-Mode"
* Get More Plugins: Added option to show/hide plugin screenshots (hidden by default)
* Linux: Use "MAKAGIGA_LANG" to override default language/locale settings
  (example command: MAKAGIGA_LANG=pl_PL makagiga)
* + Minor updates and fixes