Release Notes / ChangeLog

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2018-01-13  5.8.3 (LTS)

This update contains mostly a minor bug-fixes only.

* RSS Feeds: Fixed "error 429" when connecting to Reddit RSS (Issue #2)
* Security: Use https in RSS examples
* Security: Use https in location query
* Widgets: Optimize "Todo" widgets startup
* Fixed: Do not "crash" if global plugin directory is non-writable
* Fix file chooser crash on Windows 10
* Tasks: Fixed crash (NullPointerException) in "Complete" column renderer if Accessibility tool is installed.
  Workaround for older versions: Right click on a table header and hide "Complete" column.
* Linux: Warn that system tray may not work correctly with some Desktop Environments
* Note widget: Fixed preview in Settings window
* Feed Viewer: Do not fetch favicon if URL host is empty (e.g. local file)
* Table View: Auto select row under mouse cursor on right-button click
* Source: Fix API documentation build in newer JDK 8 versions
* Show "Java 9+ is not supported by Makagiga 5.x" warnings
* + Minor bug fixes and updates