Release Notes / ChangeLog

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2016-09-14  5.8.1

This update contains mostly a minor bug-fixes only.

* NEW: Easy Markdown (*.md) file import/export/preview
* Image viewer: Fixed "Space" shortcut key
* Linux: Fixed truncated input fields in some dialog windows
* Fixed wrong mouse cursors in main window
* Fixed wrong popup menu location in tool bars
* Fixed wrong colors in notification window
* Fixed crash after Calendar tab close
* Fixed confirmation box in script editor
* Fixed version string parsing in encrypted files
* Workaround for java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException crash in Tasks panel
* Include missing source files
* Better compatibility with future Makagiga 6.x
* Updated Java Runtime

Feed Viewer:

* Fixed downloading of some RSS enclosures
* Fixed crash in settings menu

Manage Sessions:

* Added missing "Name:" label
* Show error if session name contains "/" or "\" character


* Faster panel animation in search bar
* Fixed wrong image width/height info