Release Notes / ChangeLog

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2015-07-16  5.5 Beta

* Notepad: Do not show auto completion popup after cut/paste
* Add "Draft" sample category
* Better plugin download error messages
* Improve error handling in internal HTML viewer
* Tweak tabs width (issue #27)
* Link plugin: Refresh UI layout
* Minor UI fixes

---- Alpha 2 -------------------------------------------------------------------


* NEW: Move selected text using Ctrl+Shift+Up/Down keyboard shortcut (Issue #24)

* NEW: Improved Word Count preview; you can now choose a target word count

* Added a more convenient and easy to discover "Text" button
  (with preview and syntax highlighting settings)

* Redesigned "Preview" panel


* Added File|Save action and info that document autosave is enabled
* About|System tab:
  - Use /etc/os-release file instead of lsb_release program
  - Show Screen Resolution (dpi)
* Fixed: Auto hide "Alt+1" tip text in Tabs
* Hide Caps Lock warning after Caps Lock key press
* Support GTK 3.x bookmarks (aka Places) in file chooser
* Initial support for Java 9
* + Minor bugfixes and updates

User Interface:

* Use shorter, non-localized shortcut names in menus
* Windows: Support keyboard shortcuts in system tray icon (Win+B, Space)
* Metal LAF: Colorized progress bars
* Modernize "Search" and "Filter" text fields
* Improve Character Chooser (better UI layout, bookmarks)
* A more consistent colors in dialog windows

RSS Reader:

* Fixed: Relative links addresses in articles


* Fixed "Read more about packages..." link
* Improved input validators

Installer for Windows:

* Exclude unused JRE files
* Added French and German language translations


* Fixed: Auto adjust widget location if it's outside of the visible area (bug #20)

---- Alpha 1 -------------------------------------------------------------------

User Interface:

* Fixed: Mark selected value in color pickers
* Fixed: Nimbus LAF: Fix margins in Backup wizard window
* GTK+ LAF: Better text colors and combo box borders in Task List
* Update "Random Password Generator" UI:
  - Added option to exclude symbols from a generated password
  - Changing maximum password length does not reset all characters


* Regex Editor: Add convenient "Ignore Case" option
* Backup: Store file modification time in Zip archive
* Fixed: Show last language translator in About|Credits tab
* Fixed: Case insensitive text searching
* Get More Plugins: Removed "Hide Installed" option
* Widgets: Right click on a workspace button to change its name
* Tasks: Do not auto reset "Completed Date/Time" value
* Properties Bar: Improve sorting in the "Links" menu
* Tree: Allow re-enter file password
* Internet Search: Added Help menu item (see DuckDuckGo)
* Minor improvements and bug-fixes

Search Bar:

* Press Esc to toggle Tree and search results (issue #25)
* Auto show last results (issue #25)
* NEW: Option to search by name only.
  Syntax: name=<your text>
  Don't remember the exact name? Use the new "Name" index menu:

RSS Viewer:

* RSS Filters:
  - Redesigned and fixed "Show message" action (bug #23)
  - Updated UI
* Move File|Feeds menu to View menu (now visible only in feed viewer tab)
  (workaround for bug #16)
* Clean up Previous/Next menu items
* Fixed: Improved handling of malformed XML
* Fixed: Show archived articles even if download failed

Image Editor:

* NEW: Added Edit|Copy As menu
* New Information pane


* Fix compilation in Eclipse Compiler
* Use native Linux NSIS to build Windows installer