Release Notes / ChangeLog

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2015-09-06  5.5.1 Beta


* NEW: Customizable task state (Overdue, Tomorrow, etc.) colors

* Fixed: Do not popup closed task notification again if no new alarms
* Remove "-" separator from date/time format
* Improved Categories rendering
* Removed "Done" button from a context menu (use "100%" button instead)

User Interface:

* Fixed: Workaround for window repaint issues in Gnome Shell (bug #27)
* Added "Hack.standardDecorations" Console variable which can be
  used to disable non-standard window borders/titles
  (can be used as a workaround for the above bug)
* Improve Categories rendering

* NEW: Allow quick font size change with "+/-" buttons

* Update notifications UI
* Fixed: Enable text antialiasing in xmonad and other unknown DEs

Image Viewer:

* Improved Tools panel


* Improved Properties panel
* NEW: Added "Insert" button

Feed Viewer:

* Fixed: Mark changed RSS articles as "Updated" instead of "New"
* Fixed: Hide all HTML submit forms


* Minor optimizations and bugfixes
* Scripting: Show warning that pasting scripts may be dangerous
* Calendar: Fixed Wiki Info/News browser
* Internet Search: Updated Google icon


* Trigger autocompletion for words larger than 2 characters
* Word Count: Show a correct count of Unicode characters
* Fixed: Better line wrap
* Fixed: Smooth text scrolling using Ctrl+Up/Down keys

Modern Metal Look and Feel:

* New check boxes and radio buttons icons
* More whitespace in menus

* Updated scroll pane border


* NEW: Initial support for #hashtags in tasks and file names
* Tags menu: List #hashtags from a current tab/document

Checking for Updates:

* Fixed: Better support for offline mode
* Better error messages

Plugin list:

* Show "See" info for a selected plugin
* Show various plugin labels (Installed, Incompatible, Disabled, etc.)
* Show "New" label for recently released plugins


* Settings: Removed "Categories" option (use "Tags" instead)
* New unified tags/categories and hashtags rendering
* Links: Fixed link lost after file/folder move


* Installer for Windows: Also include both portable and Linux launchers
* NEW: 64-bit package for Linux (makagiga-linux-x64-*.7z)