Release Notes / ChangeLog

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2015-04-01  5.4

* Plugins designed for Makagiga older than 4.6 are now disabled
  (marked as "Incompatible").
  You can periodically check for updates in menu|Tools|Plugins|Update Plugins

User Interface:

* Fixed: Missing text labels in some number input fields
* Improve monospace (fixed-width) font in some UI elements
* Larger color chooser buttons
* A bit more friendly Security dialog window

Text Editor:

* Fix HTML paste


* A more strict checking for a reserved names in new files and folders
  (for compatibility with Windows platform)


* Fix crash on some Xinerama multiscreens
* Update Polish translation
* Show screen devices in About|System tab
* Update bundled JRE


* Add "ant error-prone" command (need Google Error Prone 2.x library)
* Remove deprecated UI._ methods (see PORTING.txt)