Release Notes / ChangeLog

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2015-03-01  5.3 Beta

* Show program PID in About|System tab

---- Alpha 1 -------------------------------------------------------------------


* NEW: Redesigned and updated Statistics plugin:
  - Removed Tools|Statistcs menu item
  - Added Help|About|Statistics tab
  - Added View|Statistics tab

* NEW: Tasks statistics for a selected files/folders (see context menu)
  (feature request #20)

* NEW: Add "--at" command-line option to enable Screen Reader (Windows only)
* Get More Plugins window: Text auto completion in search box
* Update "New File" window
* Update "Backup" wizard window
* + Minor bugfixes


* "Email" syntax highlighting (quoted text only)


* Improve "Edit Repeat Rule" window
* Improve summary edit window
* Removed export to XHTML and HTML 4.x (export to HTML 5 is now the new default)
* Improve Duration Editor window

HTML Text Editor:

* NEW: Insert Image: Option to copy the original file into Makagiga folder

Image Editor:

* Resize Dialog: Fix app freeze during image resize
* Resize Dialog: Update window UI

Feed Viewer:

* Properties window:
  - Remove "Feed address" pane
    (the address now can be found in "Information" tab)
  - Rename "Advanced" tab to "Feed"
* Add How-To Geek sample RSS
* Fixed: Do not download RSS feeds content if application is in offline mode
  (bug #22)
* Fixed: Mark all as read and preview filters w/o RSS downloading

User Interface:

* New titled menu separators
* Metal LAF: Bigger keyboard shortcut font in menus
* Update/fix UI in "wizard" dialogs
* Settings window: Smaller input field width
* Windows: Better fixed-width font
* Clean up tool bars in tabs
* Reduce saturation in some Oxygen icons
* + Various tweaks