Release Notes / ChangeLog

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2014-12-18  5.2

* Use secure "https" instead of "http" by default
* Minor User Interface tweaks
* Look and Feel settings: Windows 8.x preview image
* Fixed: Do not change Notepad settings after Cancel button press
* Tasks: New check mark icon in "Properties" column
* Updated the Polish translation
* + minor bugfixes

---- Preview 1 ------------------------------------------------------------------

* NEW: Text auto completion in Console and Plugins tabs
* Calendar: Press "Menu" key to display context menu for a selected day
* Tree: Better context menu location
* A more compact title bars in some modal windows
* Show type of OS/Java (32/64-bit) in About|System tab

---- Alpha 1 --------------------------------------------------------------------

* Tasks context menu: Use "0%" text instead of just "0"
* Improve text in font chooser button
* NEW: Menu Bar -> View -> Show Widgets action
* Show keyboard shortcut info in a tool tips (this applies to Ctrl+F4,
  Ctrl+Shift+Semicolon, Ctrl+K, Ctrl+O)
* Fix error (NullPointerException) on Wikipedia tab close
* NEW: Notepad: A very basic CSS syntax highlight (comments only)
* Notepad: Fix pasting as HTML from some sources
* Updated "Look and Feel" settings tab
  - new layout
  - show preview images for Windows LAFs
* Better support for Windows Classic Look and Feel
* Tabs: Show tool tips in "Copy" menu
* Source: Fix minor issues reported by FindBugs, Eclipse, and PMD