Release Notes / ChangeLog

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2014-10-22  5.1 Beta

* Fixed: Do not save settings if user cancelled dialog window
* Metal Look and Feel: New check box gradient
* Fixed: Add missing "Menu" key support in Category editor, Proxy list, and Console settings
* Increase minimum required password length to 12 characters
* Updated Java JRE to version 8u25

---- Alpha 2 --------------------------------------------------------------------

User Interface:

* NEW: Look and Feel settings:
  Now it's possible to select a larger UI icon size (56x56 and 64x64)
* Replace some ASCII characters with a better Unicode alternatives
* Improve color contrast in various UI elements

* Metal Look and Feel: Improve scroll bar and tool bar UI

* Windows/Mac/GTK+: A more native-looking buttons in dialog windows
* Metal Look and Feel: Improved progress bar UI
* Use larger text font in tool bar buttons
* Console: Correct vertical alignment in separators
* + Various minor tweaks, bug-fixes and updates


* NEW: Added "Bullet" action (menu -> More -> Insert Symbol)

* NEW: Character (Unicode) chooser (menu -> More -> Insert Character)

* Syntax Highlighting: Fixed \' and \" escape characters
* NEW: Notepad/HTML Preview: Added "Escape" function (see Snippets button)

RSS Feed Reader:

* NEW: Add "Mark All as Read" button

* NEW: Warn if RSS article may be NSFW
* Drop trailing " - 00:00" to simplify date format
* Fixed: Show tool tip from "<a title=..." HTML attribute


* Various bug-fixes in Wikipedia viewer
* Tabs: Minor bug-fix in "Find Previous" function
* Fixed: Disable Sea Glass LAF plugin (crash)
* Fixed crash in About|System tab
* Fixed: "--help" and "--version" command-line options work in non-X11 terminal again
* Fixed: Do not crash in terminal w/o X11 GUI


* Improved Category/Date/Duration column rendering
* Tasks: Improve export to HTML and CSV
* Update "Add Task" dialog window
* Fixed: Correctly set "Date Added" info in task added via "Add Task" window


* Re-add "ant doclint" command
* Add "ant final-no-sdk" command
* Fix minor issues reported by PMD and FindBugs

Installer for Windows:

* Faster installation (skip existing and unchanged files)

---- Alpha 1 --------------------------------------------------------------------


* NEW: Larger tab icons by default
* Fixed: Improved status messages in text search pane (Ctrl+F)

RSS Feed Reader:

* Show size of archive files in "Remove Unused Archives" window

User Interface:

* NEW: Animated menu arrow in buttons
* NEW (Chart Generator, Logo Generator, Image Tools): Animations in sidebar panes
* NEW: Larger icons in Sidebar buttons by default
* GTK+ Look and Feel (Linux):
  - Fixed menu borders
  - Fixed menu horizontal separators
  - Fixed border in combo boxes


* NEW: Use https:// (encrypted connection) by default in DuckDuckGo, Google, and Wikipedia search
* Bookmarks menu: Auto expand selected folder
* Updated RSS and Tree sample files
* Fixed: Show DuckDuckGo plugin license info in About window
* Minor fixes in month calendar UI


* Fixed warnings during RPM and Debian package build
* NEW: Now you can use "ant run" command instead of "ant compile run"
* Removed "ant all" and "ant compileandrun" commands (use "ant run" instead)
* NEW: "ant" (without a target option) will now compile only