Release Notes / ChangeLog

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2013/11/19  4.11 Beta


* NEW: "Add Task" in system tray icon menu
* NEW: Show categories in "Summary" column by default
* NEW: Show "Recently Completed" tasks in sidebar panel
* Improved table view header and its context menu actions
* Month Calendar: Highlight active fields in date editor
  (highlighted fields can be modified with Up/Down key)
* Fixed/improved export to HTML


* Improved compatibility with Java 8

* Minor bug-fixes

Alpha 1 ------------------------------------------------------------------------


* NEW: Repeat Rule editor: Month calendar preview for Daily/Weekly rules
* NEW: Tasks sidebar: Marking tasks as done (see context menu)
* Fixed: Task List and Table View: Select task/item under mouse cursor on right button click
* Task sidebar: Show total duration time of selected tasks
* Show "Time To" preview in "Add Task" dialog window
* Fixed export to CSV

Feed Viewer:

* Better Enclosure/Podcast downloader
* Better "[link]" display in RSS
* Tweaked "Refresh All Feeds" button

User Interface:

* Gtk/GNOME-like Header Bar in some modal dialogs
* Fixed: Better compatibility with Substance LAF
* Minor tweaks and fixes


* NEW: Plugin Installer: Allow multiple plugin or file selection
* Regex Panel: Help and autocompletion for special constructs (?i, etc.)
* Automatically limit file cache size on disk
* Minor bug-fixes