Release Notes / ChangeLog

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2011/02/24  3.8.12

Todo List:

* NEW: Added one-click filtering by a task Category (see the "+" button)
* NEW: Added "Set Date/Time..." item to the context menu

RSS Reader:

* Fixed: Added support for "feed://" protocol
* NEW: Added option to block images
  (see Feed properties -> Advanced -> Block Images)
* NEW: Added "Remove Unused RSS Archives" function (see the Feeds Settings)
* NEW: Added basic integration with Google Reader and Netvibes
  (see tool bar -> Export button -> Add to...)
* Archive optimizations (smaller disk and CPU usage)
* Block stats and cookie/trackings images (1x1 GIFs, etc.)
* Fixed errors caused by double "#" character in link URL

Image Editor:

* Various tool bar and designer fixes
* Added keyboard shortcuts for tool buttons

User Interface:

* NEW: Hebrew translation. Thanks to Yaron Shahrabani.
* Dialog windows: Use smaller title header if screen resolution is low
* Widgets: The tool bar is now on top like in the other tabs
* Removed View -> Tool Bars -> Tab Tool Bar option from the main menu
  * Added Tree Settings -> Tool Tips option (see Tree Tool Bar)
* Navigation buttons (Previous/Next) are now visible
  in the View menu and the tab tool bar
* Smaller tool bar in Feed Viewer and Console tabs

General Settings:

* Removed "Tool Tips" option
* Changed location of the "Open Links/Files With" option


* Fixed: Do not set updated look and feel plugin as default skin
* Fixed: Do not start plugin update if window is locked (password protected)
* Drag and Drop: Select/show a tab/virtual desktop under mouse cursor
* Calendar Widget: Improved "Add a New Task for This Day" menu
* Minor improvements in the built-in Script editor
* Improved Bookmarks, Tree, and Widget menus
* Improved date display/formatting in Feed Viewer and Todo list
* Updated Polish translation
* Look and Feel Settings: Show "Apply" button in Plugin settings window
* + Small updates and fixes

Color Chooser dialog window (HTML Tab):

* Added integration with ColorMatch Remix
* Improved integration with COLOURlovers


* Updated plugin templates and build scripts
* API Changes