Release Notes

2009/04/14  3.3 Beta


* Added "virtual desktops" and "Move To Desktop" menu

* Show "Settings" action in context menu
* Updated Calendar widget

To-Do List:

* Improved printing
* Fixed: Do not show alarm notification for "completed" tasks
* Fixed: Save/restore column width
* Fixed "Show Grid" option

RSS Reader:

* Added color settings for Unread articles
  (Tools -> Settings... -> Plugin Settings... -> Feeds)
* Added "enclosure" downloader
* Optimized memory usage
* Fixed and optimized favicon downloader


* Added "Login" plugin - a basic password login and main window lock
  (see Tools -> Plugins... -> Get More Plugins...)


* Show file name in progress bar
* Fixed "Cancel" button
* Compute and show SHA1 checksum


* Faster application startup
* Script Editor: Added more JavaScript snippets
* Delete Private Data plugin: Clear cached password authentications
* Delete Private Data plugin: Added function to remove previous file versions
* Fixed memory leaks
* Tree menu: Added command to open file/folder in default/external application
* Updated Oxygen Icon Theme
* Windows: Fixed crash on application startup
* Console: type "exit" to close console; "quit" to quit application
* Fixed crash on application startup
  if "Refresh all feeds on starup" option is enabled
* Fixed Evolution category import
* Tree: Fixed searching by Category
* + A lot of small bug fixes and UI improvements


KShutdown - An advanced shut down utility for KDE/Linux/Windows