Release Notes

2009/02/23  3.2.2

* Windows: Fixed crash on application startup
  (workaround: delete "splash.png" file from the Makagiga application folder)
* Updated installer for Windows

2009/02/14  3.2.1

* Fixed crash on application startup
  if "Refresh all feeds on starup" option is enabled
* Fixed searching by Category

2009/02/04  3.2

See also: 3.1 Beta

* User Interface improvements
* Todo List: Fixed "Complete" column in A03 Look And Feel

* Todo List: "Due date/time" column: Added convenient buttton to clear selected date

* Removed "Restoring session..." popup window displayed on application startup
* Improved "What's this?" command (Shift+F1)
* Fixed duplicated RSS notification messages
* Fixed: Improved support for Substance Look and Feel
* Text Editor: Fixed text labels in Insert/Edit Link dialog
* Updated Polish translation
* Updated Oxygen Icon Theme
* Minor bug fixes and optimizations
* Minor API improvements


KShutdown - An advanced shut down utility for KDE/Linux/Windows