Release Notes

2009/01/22  3.1 Beta "Velocitus delectiblus"

To-Do List:

* NEW: Task categories

Note: Right-click on the table header to enable "Category" column.

* Fixed "Copy" action

* NEW: Date/time status icon

* Fixed print preview

RSS Feed Reader:

* Fixed links in Atom Feeds (BUG #2483022)
* Added support for enclosures in Atom Feeds
  (e.g. links to additional files like MP3 or PDF)
* Fixed tag editor


* NEW: Categories
* Faster and more smooth search function

Image Editor:

* Restore scroll position on edit Undo


* Plugin Settings: Added "Filter..." panel for quick plugin search

* Updated mirror server list in "Get More Plugins" dialog


* User interface improvements

* NEW: Settings dialog: Added button to restore default settings

* NEW: Save/restore cursor position in text editors
* Updated splash screen
* KDE: Use both Ctrl+Y and Ctrl+Shift+Z keyboard shortcut for Undo action
* Disable "large" popup tool tips by default
* Bug fixes and optimizations


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