Release Notes

2008/06/15  2.9 Beta (aka 3.0 Beta 1)

Known Issues:

* Plugins designed for Makagiga 1.9-2.4 are incompatible with Makagiga 2.9+.
  Please check menu -> Help -> Update -> Update Plugins later to update
  installed plugins.

* NEW: SDK, Source and Platform packages are now packed using 7z.
  See the list of archiving software that supports the 7z archive format.
  Tip: On Linux platform, simply run "7z x packagename.7z" to unpack archive.

What's New?:

* NEW: Rewritten Internet Search panel
  Internet Search panel  
* NEW: "Delete Private Data" plugin is now included by default
* NEW: Bookmarks in system tray menu

Feed Viewer:

* NEW: Article title is now clickable
* UI text change: Fetch All Feeds -> Refresh All Feeds
* Fixed: Do not show error message if fetch was aborted
* NEW: Show source URL info
* Fixed date/time info in Atom 0.3 feeds
* Improved import menu

Task Summary:

* NEW: Rewritten "Summary" panel
* NEW: Sorting options
* NEW: Summary statistics (menu -> Tools -> Statistics) (EXPERIMENTAL)
* NEW: New alarms (EXPERIMENTAL)

Image Viewer:

* Fixed image background


* NEW: New background settings dialog

Todo List:

* NEW: Autosave todo list on every change to avoid data lost
* Fixed export/copy as plain text

Plugin Downloader:

* Show download source info


* NEW: Added command to remove all items from the "Recently Closed Tabs" menu
* Fixed: Hide empty tool tip window if no text
* Improved "Links" button
* Improved text auto completion in tag editor
* Fixed: Show tagged folders in the "Tags" menu
* NEW: Show file size and type info

User Interface:

* NEW: Improved support for the new Nimbus Look And Feel.
  Nimbus LAF is now included in Java 6.0 Update 10.
  Nimbus Look and Feel
* NEW: Added support for translucent windows.
  This feature requires Java 6 Update 10 or newer.
* NEW: Text auto completion history window
  (right-click in text field, select Advanced -> History...)
* NEW: Customizable table columns (right-click on any table header)
* Link button: Underline text on mouse hover
* Use "hand" mouse cursor for small buttons
* Fixed: Do not show button icons on Mac and Windows platform by default.
  You can still enable button icons via menu -> Tools -> Settings... ->
  -> Advanced... -> Look and Feel.
* NEW: Added "UI.hollywood" console variable
  to enable more experimental special effects..


* NEW: Added "Command Line Options" help
* Fixed: Faster help browser
* Open README file in internal browser (if possible)


* NEW: Added basic support for OpenSolaris OS
* Fixed and optimized tree/table/list cell renderers
* Updated Oxygen Icon Theme
* Fixed: Updated Dilbert RSS
* Fixed: Do not show license info on first application startup
* Fixed: Improved right-to-left layout support
* Fixed: Faster font chooser dialog/combo box
* NEW: View -> Tool Bars menu


* Script editor: Added more JavaScript snippets
* Script editor: Save script before test to avoid data lost


* NEW: "Makagiga Platform" package (more info)
* NEW: Added convenient Project menu
  and buttons to launch "ant" commands directly from the SDK window
* Updated plugin templates


* A lot of new API; grep for "@since 3.0" in *.java files ;)
* See PORTING.txt for a list of major API changes


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