Release Notes

2008/12/26  2.9.5 Beta (aka 3.0 Beta 6) "Speedipus rex"

Internet Search Panel:

* NEW: OpenSearch plugin support (RFE #2034272)

Todo Editor:

* Fixed: Allow empty new task summary
* Automatically filter task list using existing search query

Image Viewer:

* NEW: Added convenient "Red Rectangle" tool


* NEW: Added option to set fixed width/monospaced text font (menu -> View)

RSS Feed Reader plugin:

* Speed optimizations
* Display error message if RSS link is malformed
* Fixed preview panel
* Fixed viewer tab

Text Fields/Components:

* NEW: Added command to insert one of the predefined symbol character
  (e.g. (C), tm, Euro symbol etc.)
* Automatically hide mouse cursor


* Updated Polish translation
* Preload font name list for faster font chooser dialog display
* Fixed layout in "New Folder" dialog if tool tips are disabled
* Improved support for A03 Look And Feel
  (a new look and feel plugin will be available soon)
* Improved navigation in text autocompletion popup window
* Do not show system tray icon by default
* Fixed: Cache painted gradients to improve application performance
* Fixed file/directory copy
* Updated Oxygen icon theme
* Message Box: Press Ctrl+C to copy message content
* Updated NSIS installer for Windows
* Ensure widget title is always visible on the desktop panel


* NEW: Tabbed view
  (disable "Console.openInTab" option to restore previous behavior)
* NEW: Printing, text searching, font zoom
  (not available if "Console.openInTab" option is disabled)
* NEW: Customizable prompt text
  (see the "Console.prompt" option in Console Settings panel)
* NEW: Press the "Up arrow" key to bring recent command
* Improved command line highlighter and error detection
* Automatically re-open Console on application startup
* NEW: Added "Kiosk.Action.dragDrop" and "Kiosk.Action.zoom" options


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