Release Notes

2008/11/10  2.9.4 Beta (aka 3.0 Beta 5) "Hot-roddicus supersonicus"

* NEW: Moveable notification window
* NEW: Password field: Show warning if caps lock is turned on

Todo List:

* NEW: Improved text autocompletion in the "Add Task" field


* NEW: Show tab icons in Wizard dialogs

* NEW: Search/filter panel visual clue


* NEW: File chooser: Added zip file preview
* New file overwrite confirmation dialog
* Text editors: Fixed search result highlighter
* Statistics: Clickable Tree and Summary pie chart
* Settings Window: Resize window to fit current page height
* Web Start: Added <property name="jnlp.packEnabled" value="true" />
  so Web Start can use packed jars w/o additional server-side configuration
* Updated Polish translation
* Improved error messages in "Print Preview" window
* Scripting: Updated JavaScript code snippets


* Fixed "enum" value editor
* Added prompt text


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