Release Notes

2008/10/02  2.9.3 Beta (aka 3.0 Beta 4) "Accelleratii incredibus"

RSS Reader:

* Fixed "offline" mode


* Cleaned up context menu
* Fixed: Autosave widget configuration (position, size, etc.) on move/resize
* Fixed calendar tool tips

Todo Manager:

* New UI look

* Improved Designer panel
* Fixed date/time editor font


* Smaller tab size (4 characters instead of 8)


* Removed "Find Files" and "High Contrast" plugins;
  these plugins are still available via "Get More Plugins" function.
* Get More Plugins: Install plugin on double click or SPACE press

Task Summary:

* Faster task summary refresh
* Fixed: Show alarm notification for "Today" tasks


* New UI look

* Faster thumb preview generator


* NEW: Added a new Makagiga launcher for Windows (run.exe and run-portable.exe)

* NEW: Delete Private Data: Added option to empty trash bin

* Fixed "Look and Feel" configuration
* Tabs: Save list of recently closed tabs on application exit
  (menu -> File -> Recently Closed Tabs)
* Links: Automatically remove "dead" links
* Proxy Configuration: Added Undo/Redo actions

* NEW: Font Chooser: Added bookmarks
  (right click on a font name, select "Starred";
  click on the "star" button to display starred fonts)
* Fixed help browser history
* Fixed window resize grip in right-to-left UI layout
* Updated "credits" info in About window


* NEW: Added option to disable "Recently Closed Tabs" menu
  (menu -> Tools -> Console -> Settings -> Tabs.recentlyClosedTabs)
* Fixed font editor/renderer
* Fixed text auto completion


* Fixed: Show info message if "Projects" directory is empty
* Fixed: Automatically select a new project in a combo box list


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